The Waterford Elegance Collection is a crowning achievement of craftsmanship and the pinnacle of elite fine wine and spirits enjoyment. The Waterford Elegance Collection features hand-made crystal to suit every wine varietal. Each crystal Elegance stem is uniquely contemporary in design, with a clear, delicate bowl, deep V plunge, crisp rim, pulled stem and flawlessly modern profile.    Volume  21.9 oz
Elegant fine crystal creates a beautiful design for the Elegance Optic Double Old Fashioned Pair. A soft but striking shape will enhance your appreciation of your favorite spirits.                                                                    WIDTH 2.9  in HEIGHT 4.3  in VOLUM E 6.3 oz
17.6 oz
Volume 17.5 oz.
Volume 11.2 oz.
WIDTH 8.1 in  HEIGHT 11 in  VOLUME 33.8 oz.
Volume  5.7 oz
Volume 17 oz.
Volume  37.2 oz.
WIDTH 3.9 in HEIGHT  9.8 in VOLUME 17 oz
WIDTH  4.5 in  HEIGHT  9.8 in  VOLUME  22 oz
Volume  8.5 oz.


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Elegance Collection is the pinnacle of fine wine and spirits enjoyment. Engage your senses with coveted crystal stemware, perfectly shaped for the ultimate tasting experience.

To truly appreciate the different notes, tastes and fruity symphonies in your favorite fine wine or spirit, you need a stunning glass that has been designed to unlock each subtle flavor and aroma. Whether you prefer to unwind with a Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose, or Pinot Grigio, each crystal wine glass, beer glass and champagne flute in our Elegance collection will elevate your wine moment.

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